MMUK MAN Pro Finish Foundation for Men


Effortlessly glide away imperfection after imperfection with MMUK MAN’s cream to powder foundation for men. MMUK MAN’s foundation for men offers a full, yet subtle coverage which is enriched with camouflaging enzymes designed to tackle and remove the appearance of even the most stubborn imperfections. Make spots, blemishes, moles, redness, fine lines, rough skin, and wrinkles a thing of your past with a high impact male cosmetic which certainly doesn’t shy away from the action. Firstly, whilst applied as a cream, the soft texture contains a patented pro-active moisturising complex which can work in conjunction with an ordinary moisturiser for men and/or a men’s skin primer to perfectly nourish the skin and optimise its moisture levels further. Meanwhile, this expert foundation for men also uses expansion technology to actively target, resize and plump pores to create an even facial surface, contributing to a perfectly smooth finish. Once set as a powder, the foundation settles perfectly on the face to provide a continuously fresh finish, whilst guarding against shine and an unnatural glow, all day long. Pigment highlighters built into this men’s foundation effectively target the skin’s main pigment melanin to ignite a clear and consistent skin surface.

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Cream To Powder Men’s Foundation Makeup

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