Applying mascara as a man need not be a daunting task. Firstly, remove the wand from the casing, ensuring all excess formula is wiped off onto the inside of the casing, this ensures your manscara lasts as long as possible and doesn’t unnecessarily clump. Secondly, place the application wand at the base of your lower lashes and apply in a smooth swiping action away from your face. Repeat this 2-6 times depending on the look and subtlety you are trying to achieve. Thirdly, tilt you head forward and again place the wand at the root of your lash, except this time focusing on the top surface of your eyelashes. Apply in exactly the same motion as before, away from the face. Within a matter of seconds your new and transformed look will present itself in all its masculinity and definition. Remember to position yourself in front of a mirror and take your time if you are an eye makeup for men newcomer. The touch will come.


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