When it comes to applying bronzer for men there are some crucial tips to take on board to help you get started. Take a look and discover just exactly how male makeup can work for you.

• Where possible, always apply bronzer in natural light in order to obtain a masculine enriched finish without questions being raised. This allows you to know exactly what looks good and natural in normal day light and to understand exactly how much and where to apply it if you are forced to apply it under artificial light in future.

• Use a good quality bronzer brush for men. The finer bristles on a male bronzing brush assist in a masculine finish, which is also perfect for MMUK MAN’s finer consistency male bronzing powder. In a bid to make your makeup for men journey that little bit easier, MMUK MAN will also include a professional male bronzing brush upon the purchase of this product, meaning you have no excuses for achieving that much sought after toned, tanned complexion.

• When it comes to physical application, we recommend using small amounts at a time, especially to begin with. Don’t be afraid of taking the time and going to and from the compact, applying very small amounts each time. By using such small amounts to begin with, you are really able to see your new look taking shape and are able to take note of what looks good and perhaps most importantly, realize when you have applied that little too much. It really is a learning curve gentlemen, however, with MMUK MAN’s expert advice and professional formulas, you’re certainly on the right track.

• When it comes to where to apply men’s bronzer, a good place to start is along the forehead, down the nose and across the cheeks. By adopting a light brushing method you are really focusing on the parts of your face which would naturally be more prone to tanning following sun exposure. As a result, a bronzed look is achieved without putting your manhood on the line.


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