Applying our foundation couldn’t be easier. Firstly, pre moisturise your skin one or two minutes prior to the application of MMUK MAN’s foundation. You can also use a Men’s Makeup Base (sometimes called a skin primer) for that extra professional touch and completely secure wear. Choose the right application tool for you. Some guys prefer to use their fingertips and others use men’s makeup sponges or a men’s foundation brush, to guarantee a completely even and natural finish. We would recommend using an application sponge whilst applying this men’s foundation. Ideally, this foundation should be applied onto freshly shaven skin, however, if you do wish to work with stubble (which a lot of men do) be sure to work the product onto your skin against the grain of your stubble to ensure you give yourself the best chance of a consistent skin tone. Finally, apply a small amount of foundation to your fingertips, or the back of your hand if you are using application tools and begin to lightly apply. Due to the luxurious quality of this foundation, you will find that you do not need to apply too much product to achieve a perfectly polished look. Be sure to concentrate on those hard to reach places, such as crevices around the nose and eyes. Be sure to work the product slightly into the hairline and down your neck, past the jawbone to achieve a completely natural finish.


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