You can apply this versatile foundation in one of three ways. The most popular choice men go for when applying foundation is by using their fingers. Simply apply one or two presses to your fingertips and rub the formula in evenly over your face, taking extra care around the eyes, nose and into the hairline to ensure the product is blended expertly. The natural heat present in your fingertips aids in the smooth application of the formula and ultimately ensures a more even and masculine coverage. Alternatively, with the use of makeup for men application sponges you can apply the product (one press at a time) directly onto these versatile application tools before applying the foundation for men to your face. This process may take a little longer than the previous method however the results back up your effort. Even out the formula, focus on specific areas of your face in the final stages of application, ensure a more professional coverage and effectively target those hard to reach areas such as facial crevices and eye lids for an all round great finish. If you’re new to the world of makeup for men we recommend using such sponges, as they are the perfect solution for learning how to apply men’s foundation professionally and effectively.


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