Application couldn’t be easier. Using your fingertip, blending brush for men or a men’s makeup application sponge, swipe across our expert formula and apply to any imperfections on your face. Be sure to blend or lightly press onto the imperfection itself, before working the formula around the entire imperfection area for an expertly natural look. Start off lightly before discovering the perfect amount of male concealer for you and we’re sure within two or three applications, you’ll be applying like pro! Picking the right tone for you can seem a daunting task! Thankfully, due to the expert blending power of MMUK MAN, it need not be as difficult as you may first envisage. The general rule when choosing the right concealer for men tone is to select an option which is one or two tones lighter than your current skin colour. The reason for this is that imperfections are often darker than your skin tone and as such a lighter shade of concealer is needed to rebalance its effects and provide you with a flawless and continual skin tone.


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